Authentic Italian Dishes Made with Monterey’s Best Seafood


Although Italian cuisine’s shining stars are pasta and pizza, it has a lot more variety than you might think. Traditional Italian dishes use many other tasty ingredients like different kinds of seafood. Cafe Fina’s own founder, Dominic Mercurio, uses family recipes handed down from generation to generation, and we make sure to stay true to our roots. Here at our restaurant, we serve authentic Italian food using only the best seafood Monterey waters have to offer.

Seafood Pastas

Our specialty, the Pasta Fina, is a classic Italian dish. We use fresh baby shrimp caught in the Bay and serve it up on linguini. We also use roma tomatoes, black olives, green onions, and shallots harvested right from our own garden. To top it all off, we add a rich clam butter sauce.


It’s Not a Squid. It’s Not a Clam. It’s Abalone.

You know about scallops, mussels, oysters, and clams, but how often do you visit Monterey seafood restaurants and say, “grilled abalone, please”? Abalone, a single-shelled mollusk of the genus Haliotis, exists in more than a hundred identified species all over the world, at least 15 of which are raised commercially. The California coast used to swarm with abalone owing to its abundant kelp growth, such that in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the commercial catch almost reached 5,000 metric tons of red, black, and pink abalone.

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Romance at Monterey Restaurants: Tips for Pairing Wine with Meals

Preparing meals for a picnic, however, can be a laborious task so why not take a rain check on the picnic and instead dine at romantic Monterey restaurants like Cafe Fina? Monterey is teeming with all kinds of fish and shellfish; our restaurant turns local seafood into delectable dishes like Fresh Local Abalone.

A romantic meal, however, is not complete without great wine to go with it. A good bottle of wine, after all, sets the romantic mood between partners. Couples are in luck if their palates are leaning more toward seafood dishes because several types of wine go great with them.

Let Monterey Seafood Restaurants Take Away Your Stress of Holiday Meal Prep!

What better way to get people to socialize than to have them dig in at the same plate for delicious Monterey seafood meals? Order dishes meant for groups. Better yet, order in combos or platter to get the party going.

Christmas is known as a time for spreading good cheer and exchanging gifts, but it’s also infamous for being a cause of stress—especially for those in charge of throwing a holiday party. Luckily, they can hold the affair at a seafood restaurant like Cafe Fina. and rest assured that it will be a complete success.

Call us today and ask about our private dining options – and let the festivities begin!