Italian Cuisine Etiquette

Like other cuisines, there are certain rules that need to be followed when you’re eating Italian dishes. If you find yourself in Italy, or even in authentic Italian restaurants, you’ll find that some ingredients aren’t mixed, or that certain ingredients aren’t added. Here are just among the few rules that have become a part of Italian cuisine.

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What’s the Right Way to Eat a Crab?

Eating crabs in seafood restaurants can be a labor-intensive process. For the inexperienced and impatient, you’ll be better off selecting large-sized crabs, as these are easier to break, and the meat easier to get to. Still, regardless of size, the routine that one goes about eating crabs remain the same. Continue reading

Check Out What’s Blooming at Our Monterey Restaurant!


Cafe Fina is one of the few restaurants in Monterey that promotes sustainability through the choice of ingredients. Whether it’s seafood or fresh produce, we make sure that they are harvested only through the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable methods.

To further this cause, Cafe Fina’s founder Dominic Mercurio sought to use as many seasonal and organic vegetables in our dishes all grown right here at his very own garden. We yield a fine selection of vegetables throughout the year. Right now, our Padron peppers and heirloom tomatoes are in full bloom.