Italian Cuisine Etiquette

Like other cuisines, there are certain rules that need to be followed when you’re eating Italian dishes. If you find yourself in Italy, or even in authentic Italian restaurants, you’ll find that some ingredients aren’t mixed, or that certain ingredients aren’t added. Here are just among the few rules that have become a part of Italian cuisine.

Bread and Pasta Shouldn’t Be Eaten Together

Americans have long been accustomed to eating their pastas with bread, especially if it’s freshly-baked. Did you know, however, that doing so is not common practice in Italy? Generally, bread is only allowed to be near a pasta dish if you wish to enjoy the last of your pasta sauce.

Cream Isn’t Part of an Authentic Carbonara Sauce

A lot of people have made carbonara sauce synonymous to cream. Fortunately, lactose-intolerant people will be delighted to know that an authentic carbonara sauce is only made of eggs, fried pancetta, pecorino romano, black pepper, and some of the cooking water used for the pasta. The result is the same rich goodness that everyone can enjoy

Cheese and Fish is a Bad Combination

As much as you love yourself a dish generously sprinkled with parmesan cheese, doing so on a seafood dish will raise an eyebrow or two among Italian cuisine enthusiasts. Seafood has a delicate and light taste, and it wouldn’t do to have cheese affect that taste.


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